WILD GROUND for children

WILD GROUND for children

Designing Options for our children in schools or beyond 

Is the mainstream compulsory schooling model supporting our children to live a life of wellbeing; for themselves, for their communities and for the planet?

To determine a response to that, we recognise that the schooling system does not function in a vacuum. It is one among many systems; interconnecting with natural, social/ cultural, economic and political systems. Hence, any answer hangs upon the success or otherwise of the joint systems.

There is no need to elaborate here upon the wicked challenges in each of the spheres associated with these systems. Surely, you all hear enough about them from mainstream and alternative channels.

wildground for children sets its task as understanding the disconnections in the broader system, how they play out in schooling and considers alternative options.

In wildground sessions and workshops we work and play with gusto;

·       ~  we brave first steps to challenge the unconscious habits we have accumulated from our schooling

·        ~ we unpack belief systems and values which belie 13 years of enforced institutionalisation of children; foundational for compulsory schooling which started 200 years ago. This includes removal from our interconnection in the natural world and the moulding of;  obedient citizens, factory workers and material consumerists.

·       ~  we play with elements and ideas which could contribute to the design of genuine learning options for our children (and ourselves) – including schools or beyond; tailored to the communities whom they serve.

In this last step, two important ideas inform our work. First, we explore and name our values; it is useless to apply brilliant design principles if there is no clarity on values. Second, we recognise the need to work with diversity, sitting our work in the world of relationship. There is no need for OSFA – One Size to Fit All.  Each community will, thankfully, have a different palette of ideas.

While most participants are ‘post school’ people, we welcome youth to the sessions; particularly those who feel that they would like to see their learning journeys supported differently to the ways currently on offer.

We look  forward to facilitating your group in this work/ play. Contact juli at wildspacelearning@gmail.com