What Is Wildspace ?

Watch our video and step in to the world of Wildspace!


Our core principles are belonging, learning and change making

People tell us that walking into wildspace is like being welcomed with open arms and hugs into a a warm family home
It’s a place you like being in , belonging to … so you come back again and again … because you want to not because you have to … sadly like most schools
In wildspace, a place you feel drawn to be, you start to build a level of trust with the people. You can start, very gradually for some, to let go of the array of your defences – those which you have had to collect to function in a deeply disconnected society. So, once again slowly for some, you start to expose your vulnerability. And unbelievably as you do so – others do likewise till you find that the way people connect, engage with you is altogether different to how they do so in other spaces. It’s so real. – you start to feel what this real  is and what you are like in in this real utterly joyous and often challenging place

Nothing short of magic opens
We feel that this is the opening door to all else at wildspace. `
The learning and the possibilities of the physical place and the radical change making  for which wild was set up to foster for all in our world. 

People tell us that the northern rivers is the hub of alternative living in Australia yet there are few places which are fully inclusive, based on gift culture and free of religious, business or political agendas. They enjoy that wildspace is indeed deeply inclusive . 


Learning and Teaching are partners at wildspace. One’s first and best teacher is oneself and we share this thinking in all we do. We are strong teachers for one another so all at wildspace are encouraged to teach that which they are passionate about and that in which they are skilled. Sometimes these two are the same thing. Other times not.
Learning happens all the time. Everywhere. It’s one’s attitude to an experience that defines whether it becomes a learning experience or just a passing by event. Of course the person her/himself determines this on an experience by experience basis. When people realise that they have the possibility to learn anytime from their lives, it can be a huge awakening. With so much unfolding at wildspace , it’s indeed a rich playground for learning.
And yet the silences too are vital. Joining us for gift gathering on a Tuesday night, which starts with a communal silence or coming to any of the meditation or yoga practices, the breath work or Women’s and Men’s groups, all provide entries to periods of silent inner learning.
We’d love to hear from you if you have an area to share with others or an area you’re keen to learn about.
It’s the richness of learning together at wildspace that is such a gift.

Change making 

As people around the world become more and more concerned with global environmental, social and spiritual crises, they are feeling with ever greater intensity the need to connect with others, explore the roots of these problems, and to act on them. Instead of venting their frustrations to the echo-chambers of online media, or shutting off to these issues completely in the belief that they can do nothing, Wildspace harnesses and nurtures the energy of discontent and offers a much needed venue for face-to-face dialogue and collaboration. The nature of our community space – where you are able to form ongoing relationships with those around you  – means that activism does not get boxed into separated silos, or left behind after a one-time workshop – and is rather woven into daily life and between people of different backgrounds and generations. You might, for example, find yourself sitting around a fire on a Tuesday evening ‘Gift Gathering’, sharing food with the same person you heard speak so passionately about a renewable energy project they’re involved in – or about their vision for systemic change to the global economy – after a Sunday night Conscious Cinema event. As inter-personal relationships grow alongside active campaigns and ideas are kept alive by engaged conversation and genuine listening, we rediscover our agency as citizens and change-making begins to play a much deeper role in our community – and, by extension, in the world.