Deep Ecology Reconnection


Reconnect to yourself,

                                     Reconnect to Life

We invite you to a deeply healing experiential workshop in the bush. 

Let’s get to know ourselves a little better.

Let’s replenish our strength as we work for change in paradoxically troubling & inspiring times.


What are you stepping into?

Our Deep Ecology Reconnection workPLAYshops, encourage people of all ages to explore with fellow participants; in a safe space, with needs of all carefully considered. With nature as our guide, we offer a series of invitations to take as far as you like; oft guided by how far outside your comfort zone you are called to step.  We create experiential scenarios which find expression in solo, 1 on 1 and small group activities, including sharing and dialoguing in circles.

We come together to

Hear ourselves
Hear each other
Hear the Earth
Bring about change.

So many of us are seeking to change something in our personal, work, communal and planetary worlds. More and more of us are coming to understand that doing this with others is not only a richer experience but one with more powerful results for ourselves, each other and all life on the planet.

Guiding the work-play-shop is Juli Gassner. She passionately names the underlying disconnection in society and co-creates roads to reconnection. Juli sparks self & group exploration, & community wellbeing- by creating learning spaces and deep ecology reconnection workshops within which she trusts people to grow their natural desire to learn. Juli’s work grows out of 30 years of learning/ teaching with students & families and leading staff & university interns in school communities in Australia and NZ. Her work finds a base in WILDSPACE- which she co-founded – a first of its kind, multi generational community learning space in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

You may like to check out website for a layering of the interrelated themes of deep ecology, deep time, systems theory & radical interdependence.

“I felt supported by the allowance, the freedom and the validation. Every voice is heard, supported, worked with, not forced to quieten. Juli’s system/ structure of education is empowering”

“I feel most people working on this level have a similar care for the environment but a lot of people are caught in their circumstance and don’t allow time/ space to connect with others to make environmental goals happen. Spaces like this allow people to gather/ talk/ join. The creek was magical. Great host. Strong yet humble.”

Please feel free to contact Juli at

We look forward to sharing our transformative experiences with you.