Gift Gathering 2

GIFT GATHERING – currently held monthly at Clunes.

Dates from winter 2019 –

August 20, September 17,  October 8, November 20, December 10

6:00pm collective silence   

7:00pm potluck meal

7:30pm ?? mystery


A space in which people gather in community to share 3 forms of gifts

Firstly, we sit together in communal silence. People are invited to do whatever they choose as long as it is in silence. There is no right or wrong in silence; some draw, others write or read, yet others sleep and of course many meditate.

Secondly, we eat a meal together. Folks bring a plate of prepared food. We chat about our days and come to know each other.

Lastly, all are welcome to offer any gifts;  your voice, guitar or other instrument, poetry, other writings, a shareable movement or exploration process, mandarins from your garden, a bag of clothing that the family has outgrown or any other gift one can create.

Please note, Gift Gatherings are Family Friendly – as long as the children in your care can be silent for 30 minutes. If not, we suggest you pair up with another family and take turns; sitting the silence and playing with the children in the garden; perhaps a little more gently than usual? 😉

Gift Gatherings outside Mullum Or Clunes

You may have experienced a Gift Gathering at a conference, retreat, festival or at our home bases in Mullum or Clunes, and you may find yourself called or drawn to create such a space in your home town/ city. Please chat to one of the wildspace team as we support people to set up such spaces, as fits the culture of each unique community.

A little history

Gift gatherings started in Sydney in 2014 with the name Silent Space. We found out, shortly after starting, that Service Space had started a similar experience, called Awakin Circles. Since that time Gift Gatherings have been created in different settings, including many homes. Our dream is that anyone can join a Gift Gathering in their neighbourhood- anyone, anywhere in the world.