Controversial Conversations


Whenever a wildspacer finds a topic which  would provide juicy dialogue, we facilitate a Controversial Conversation! Often they break out spontaneously at a Gift Gathering, Conscious Cinema or other event. Should you be moved to offer one, contact Juli

Topics we have juicily dialogued include

** Greed is the key problem

** Creativity cannot be taught

** How do we raise our children surrounded by climate emergency fever?

** Science and religion – are they as opposed as we may think?

** If it takes a village to raise a child, what does it take to rise an adult?

** Globalised corporate food systems are starving, not feeding, the world.

** You can choose not to vaccinate your children because I vaccinate mine

** Festivals save my life. And then I come home.

** No more domestic pets. They’re killing native wildlife.

** Resilience can’t be done on your own.

You may enjoy reading Dialogue by David Bohm. He talks of the depth of engagement and possible change in open powerful conversations with clear learning agreements. Bohm contrasts this with directed debate in which we spend most of our energy trying to devalue another’s argument not growing the thinking of all.